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Halal Shop delivers fresh, healthy, internationally inspired halal cooking at affordable prices through storefronts and food trucks in California.

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Halal Shop serves delicious gyro sandwiches and rice platters with grilled lamb or chicken, like the famous Mashriqi Halal food carts of NYC.

Here, customers can enjoy traditional style halal food without the guilt of purchasing “fast food.”

We produce our excellent food through storefronts and food trucks in Northern California, including on the San Francisco State University and UC Merced campuses.

Established in 2009, we pride ourselves in delivering irresistible, halal-healthy food. We embrace green, sustainable practices, give back to our local communities, and are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Halal Certified

Our food is halal-certified and Kosher safe.


Sustianable Practices

We strive to operate in a sustainable way that respects our customers, our communities and the earth.

Our green practices include:

  • No Styrofoam
  • No plastic bags
  • Only biodegradable silverware
  • We recycle

Employee Focused

Staff are the frontline of superior safety and service. We take pride in our employee training and operations procedures.

All employees are required to have their ServSafe Food Handler Certificate, and all staff must pass our internal testing.

We pride ourselves on being an Equal Opportunity Employer.

The Halal Shop Story

The Mashriqi family emigrated from Afghanistan to New York City in 1984. Today, they are an American success story.

The extended Mashriqi family operates a “halal mobile food empire” in New York. The Mashriqi family behind Halal Shop moved to California in 1995.

A business Born from Firsthand Experience

The Mashriqi family discovered firsthand the difficulty of finding Islam-sanctioned food on their college campus. They also noted the low quality of food offered at their university. They identified fresh, delicious halal-prepared on-campus food as a major need to be filled. They identified food trucks as an innovative, highly visible way to prepare and serve fresh food. 

Our Vision

Bring halal-certified food offerings to cater directly to Muslim students/faculty/staff and community members.

Deliver real value: the finest quality fresh food at an affordable price in an efficient manner.

Emphasize a diversity of cuisines to reflect the global backgrounds and tastes of our customers.

Continue as pioneers of the growing food trucks phenomenon, expanding to serve other campuses.

Food Facts

Customers trust and enjoy Halal Shop food because:

Every menu item is halal-certified

Our food is also kosher safe

Although not kosher-certified

We use the freshest ingredients, locally sourced, GMO-free and organically grown whenever possible

We offer many gluten-free menu options

Our meals are a great value

Priced below other international offerings on campus

Customers can make informed dining decisions for their own health

We hired a third-party nutritionist to certify the nutritional value of our Mediterranean food in terms of calories, protein, fat, saturated fat, and carbohydrates


My favorite spot to eat at SFSU campus. The chicken over rice is bomb and it’s a reasonable price.Ethan G.

San Francisco, CA

Love love love their food. I recommend the falafel gyro with white sauce (literally the best thing on campus hands down). The food is adequately priced, and the portions are hefty.

Liana A.

Hayward, CA

Whenever I’m hungry at school I hit up this spot because the food is bomb and they’re quick! The portions are perfect for the price. I always get the chicken gyro (spicy) or the chicken tikka masala. Ugh I’m craving it now!

Clare P.

San Francisco, CA


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San Francisco State Univ.
1650 Halloway Avenue
W Plaza Alcove C
Cesar Chavez Center
San Francisco, CA 94132
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1 (916) 914-3365



Open Hours

M-Th: 9am - 8pm

Fri: 9am - 6pm

Sat: 11am - 4pm

Sun: Closed

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