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Food For The Soul

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Chicken • Lamb • Falalfel

Gyros  •  plates  •  Combos

Fresh  •  Fast  •  Filling

Halal Food

Only The Freshest Ingredients

Halal Shop creates fresh, healthy, internationally inspired halal food at affordable prices.

Come enjoy our delicious assortment of gyros, falafel, rice plates, and more, including vegetarian options.

We call it “Food For the Soul,” and we make every dish with love and care. 

If you are near San Francisco State University and UC Merced then delicious halal food is near you.

Halal Certified

Locally Sourced, Non-GMO Ingredients

Fast Lines, Short Waits

Vegetarian & Vegan Alternatives


This is probably my favorite place to eat in SF, the rice over chicken tiki is delicious. I love mine hot and spicy; they always make sure my food is great, great customer service too! You must stop by and try it out

Heather T.

Concord, CA

I love their Lamb Over Rice and Falafel over rice. You can’t go wrong, it’s cheap food for high quality taste. Staff are friendly, knowledgeable of the menu and the wait for my food usually isn’t long

Jeff T.

San Jose, CA

One of the best Gyro places I’ve ordered food from yet! Such a great find!! I stopped by the other day dying for some bomb Afghani food. Ordered and now I’m hooked. The employees and the service there are just as wonderful. Chicken tikka over the rice tasted just like my mommas (yes!!!) Definitely recommending everyone to this location.

Marina S.

Elk Grove, CA

If you are looking for a place to eat on campus that has full flavor, amazing food with the right amount of kick then look no further than Halal Shop!

Jonathan B.

Santa Clara, CA

I went there for the first time and oh my god I was amazed on how fast and awesome their customer service was. I ordered a chicken gyro and it was soo delicious and juicy. Usually the meat is dry, other places that I go to but this was juicy and delicious:) I shall be going there for my breaks. I would highly recommend this place


Union City, CA

Best place to eat on campus, especially if you’re a vegetarian! I normally get the falafel gyro, which is perfectly spicy and crispy. The samosas are amazing as well! Also, probably the cleanest place to eat on campus.

Alyssa M.

Belmont, CA


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San Francisco State Univ.
1650 Halloway Avenue
W Plaza Alcove C
Cesar Chavez Center
San Francisco, CA 94132
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Fri: 9am - 6pm

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